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A Study On Booze

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A Study On Booze

I suppose it would be extremely difficult for me to persuade people that I don't drink. Okay, I drink a little tea, but booze? Maybe, but not so much...I'm not a teetotaler, but many people call me that because I am extremely unaccepting of even being near an alcoholic; which by the way makes some of my choices in painting highly speculative if not down right odd. I haven't a clue why I love boozy bottles and glasses of wine. I even have a collection of wines and wine glasses that would make it even harder to believe I'm lacking in tolerance for alcohol. The fact is that I suffer from gout and I just don't like the taste of ...any of it. So why do I paint bottles of wine and cocktail concoctions, and empty bottles you ask? I have to reflect back on my childhood for that answer.

When I was being raised in the 1970's, in one of the nicest suburbs in our small town, there was a common theme in every home with the exception of our home and the homes of my religious friends, and that was a small bar with all kinds of glowing golden liquids and beautiful crystal glasses and usually a father not so far away with a delicious aromatic pipe. All the dads in our neighborhood were pretty nice people. Most of them would suffer endless pranks from their children and neighborhood kids getting into some trouble. In our generation kids played outside, we got into things and trouble but the trouble wasn't so bad for some reason.

I remember the crystal glasses in every home. Each home had a different style and some were colorful, some were just beautiful clear glasses of all shapes and sizes. I never learned what kind of glass went with a certain type of booze, but I learned that well kept homes had people who drank and they had bars, they played golf and smoked too. That was the seventies and perhaps a time with more freedom of thought for some as a bit of my work reflects those memories of what has past.

Later in life at age thirty four, I tried a beer. I know, I can hear your thoughts, "right, you didn't touch anything in high school, right!" Anyway as the tall tale goes for this late bloomer, I tried alcohol later and the first was an ale and it tasted pretty awful so I tried wine; sour and bitter, so I tried whisky...that was like drinking barf to me. I never did develop a taste for spirits and I never wanted to be around mean cynical alcoholics either. I don't even know where I learned about alcoholics because it wasn't in my safe world. My husband didn't drink either. He wonders about all my wine paintings as well as my reputation and where we can dump the paintings off at.

One of the strangest of things people say to me about my booze paintings is that they don't drink...why would I care? I don't drink either to any degree, I really don't even like preference is for good fattening food. So the next time you pass by a bar, I wonder if you'll remember my words or my work and think about how beautiful bars are? Or will it just be one of those things people do when they are drunks, 1970's golfers, or partiers? I hope you enjoy my work if you take a peak and find the beauty in bottles of wine...especially wine. Not only is the drink a beautiful drink, it has a great many health benefits if one can keep the level of volume down.

So have that glass of wine and enjoy my wine series. I enjoyed creating them for you and if you love boozy bottles, it doesn't mean you're a bad person with poor taste and alcoholic tendencies. It could just mean you know art and the joy of cooking, dining, relating to others, and having that glass of sublime joy at the end of the day.

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